11.5 Academic Skills Workshop
11.5 Mentor Meeting - Large Group
11.8 JOYA Anniversary Fundraiser
11.19 Mentor Meeting - Individual
11.30 UC and CSU Applications Due
12.3 Mentor Meeting - Large Group
12.13 Holiday Volunteer Opportunity
12.17 JOYA Family Holiday Celebration (Potluck)
1.14 Academic Skills Workshop on Test-Taking
1.28 Mentor Meeting - Individual
2.11 Mentor Meeting - Large Group
2.25 Academic Skills Workshop
3.11 Mentor Meeting - Individual
3.21 or 3.28 Spring College Visit
3.25 Mentor Meeting - Large Group
4.6-4.10 Spring Break
  Freshmen and Sophomores Volunteer Opportunity
  Senior and Junior College Visits with Parents and Mentor
4.15 Panel of Professionals
5.13 Mentor Meeting (Finals Study Session)
5.27 Year-End Celebration
6.13 Cultural Outing
  Exit Interviews

 Start of Something New - JOYA Parent Academy

In April, JOYA Scholars began the first ever "Parent Academy" for the families in the Garnet community. Through a generous grant from the Opus Community Foundation, JOYA has been able to provide the materials, instruction, and resources of "The 10 Educational Commandments" curriculum. This participation in the Parent Academy speaks to the growing interest and desire for the parents in the Garnet community to be involved in the education of their children. As more families are starting the conversation of supporting their children and their pursuit of higher education, we are seeing the positive effects throughout the community. We are honored to partner with these families as their children express interest and take the necessary steps to pursue a college education and make a difference for their family, their community, and their future.
Pictured Above:  
The parents who have been actively participating in JOYA's Parent Academy, along with Tam Nguyen and Linda Vasquez, co-facilitators and coordinators of the 9-week program.


JOYA Receives 2 Grants

8/17/13 - We are excited to announce that JOYA Scholars' grant from the American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) Children in Poverty Grant has been renewed and increased from $3000 to $4500.  The grant will be used to support our College Readiness Program which is designed to inspire and prepare high school students from the Garnet Neighborhood for a college education. Students in the program benefit from services and opportunities such as mentoring, tutoring, academic advising, and college tours. Receiving the Children in Poverty grant is significant and exciting to JOYA. We are deeply grateful for the ABHMS's support of our program and commitment to supporting children living in poverty in the United States.

JOYA has also received a $3000 grant from the Angels' Foundation to help support our Jr. High Mentoring Program for this coming school year.

Making Big Decisions


We are excited to announce that our seniors, Gerardo and Solomon, will be attending college in the Fall! Both students have challenged themselves throughout High School, taking AP courses, being involved in extracurricular activities, and remaining committed to their involvement in JOYA Scholars. Thank you for supporting students like Gerardo and Solomon in their journey to pursue higher education!

Solomon made the decision to attend University of California Irvine (UCI) as an Electrical Engineering major! Solomon was a dedicated member of the El Dorado orchestra, and volunteered in his community, serving in areas such as the after school program at Topaz Elementary.


Gerardo has decided to attend Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) and will study Mechanical Engineering! During High School, Gerardo was an active student athlete, playing on both the football and soccer teams at El Dorado. He also volunteered in a community youth soccer league, teaching young athletes the value of being on a sports team.

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