JOYA Scholars is supported by wonderful people and organizations!

Without them, it would not be possible to provide the opportunities for our students that impact their lives. We are deeply grateful for our granting organizations, donors and their generous commitment of finances, time, and support.


Our Pioneer Donors (2009)

We have designated and honored as Pioneer Donors those who made significant financial contributions to Joya Scholars during our critical kick-off fundraising phase:
George and Lily Baggao
Michael and LaMonica Bryson
Robert Castillo
Charlie and Angie Chavez
Helen Chung
Kevin and Dorene Doi
Wesley and Joan Hunt
Long Hua
Carey and Kim Jeu
Stewart Kimura
Mabel Kong
Stephanie Matheny
Frank and Betty Nakasone
Cole Ng
Pam Noritake
Luis Orona
Tony and Kristina Sanchez
Karl Shimamura
Steve Smith
Rick Tamashiro
Wilson Yee